NAMM 2017: Dean Basses

Let`s take a look at Dean`s bass updates from this year`s NAMM.

Dean`s bass range has become significantly bigger and more versatile at this year`s NAMM with nine new models and one new series introduced.

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NAMM 2017: Dean Electrics

An overview of Dean`s electric six-string division.

With seventeen non-signature electric guitar models, Dean made it clear that the plans are big and ambitions are running high in 2017.

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NAMM 2017 Dean Signature Electrics

A run-through of Dean`s signature electrics from this year`s NAMM.

Nine models made it onto the list of Dean electric signatures. Dimebag, Leslie West, Michael Angelo Batio and five Dave Mustaine tribute and signature models were introduced.

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NAMM 2017: Luna Acoustics

Luna`s 2017 acoustic and acoustic-electric novelties and updates.

Two Art Vintage series models, one Flora series model and one Vista model make up Luna`s new acoustics lineup for NAMM 2017.

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Schecter 2017 Electrics

A quick look into Schecter`s 2017 electrics lineup.

With several new series and a multitude of updates and refreshments in the existing series, Schecter is well armed and ready for 2017. All fronts are covered, from vintage to modern, from blues and jazz to metal.

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Schecter 2017 Basses

New Schecter basses are ready to set sail and conquer.

Six new models will reinforce Schecter`s 2017 electric bass lineup. Among them, there`s one fanned-fret model, one brand new signature and four regular models.

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Schecter 2017 Signature Electrics

New electric guitar signature models are ready to hit the stage.

Schecter`s 2017 signature electrics lineup will be richer for eight models. The lineup is divided between three models for the newcomers and five for the veterans.

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Schecter 2017 Acoustics

A quick overview of Schecter`s acoustic models for 2017.

Schecter`s acoustic range will be stronger for six brand new acoustic models. Two among them are signature models made for Cure`s Robert Smith.

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Epiphone`s New Korina Limiteds

Epiphone salutes the original Explorer and Flying V with new limited edition models.

A Flying V, an Explorer guitar and Explorer bass, equipped with korina bodies and necks are ready to hit the stage. The only downside is that they`ll all be available in limited quantities.

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