Gretsch Summer Updates

Gretsch introduces 9 new electric and acoustic models.

The lineup is nine models strong and covers all of the major electric and acoustic collections, with the highlight being the second Malcolm Young signature model.

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Modern Classics Hit the Stage!

A new line of Music Man`s vintage/modern guitars is out.  

The new Modern Classics series displays a wonderful mix of vintage tone and modern technology, packed in visually stunning Cutlass/StingRay axes.  

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New Ninjas Uncovered!

Legator has revealed the new Ninja series` lineup.

The famous Ninja range will be updated with a total number of 16 models for 2018. It comes with a significant number of multi-scale models.

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Legator Helio Series Revamped

All-new Helio series is ready for 2018.

Helio line comes in with eight brand new models with fresh design, and will be available from April, 15th. Both regular and multi-scale modes are offered.

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The New Fender California Series

Here come the new California acoustics.

Redondo, Malibu, and Newporter are back with the new California lineup. They`re available in three price levels and with a ton of cool color options.

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2018 Washburn Models

New Wasburns are ready for 2018!

With a small lineup of new models and a strong focus on acoustics and bluegrass instruments, Washburn celebrates 135 years in the guitar business.

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New Epiphone Signatures

A quick overview of Epiphone`s new limited edition signature models.

Epiphone has recently introduced signature models for Matt Heafy, Richie Faulkner, Bjorn Gelotte, and Joe Bonamassa.

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Squier Contemporary Series

An overview of Squier`s brand new Contemporary line.

With five models, the new Contemporary series aims at young players as well as experienced axemen who`d like a Tele or Strat with a more modern flavor.

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