Modern Classics Hit the Stage!

A new line of Music Man`s vintage/modern guitars is out.  

The new Modern Classics series displays a wonderful mix of vintage tone and modern technology, packed in visually stunning Cutlass/StingRay axes.  

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New Ninjas Uncovered!

Legator has revealed the new Ninja series` lineup.

The famous Ninja range will be updated with a total number of 16 models for 2018. It comes with a significant number of multi-scale models.

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Legator Helio Series Revamped

All-new Helio series is ready for 2018.

Helio line comes in with eight brand new models with fresh design, and will be available from April, 15th. Both regular and multi-scale modes are offered.

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The New Fender California Series

Here come the new California acoustics.

Redondo, Malibu, and Newporter are back with the new California lineup. They`re available in three price levels and with a ton of cool color options.

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2018 Washburn Models

New Wasburns are ready for 2018!

With a small lineup of new models and a strong focus on acoustics and bluegrass instruments, Washburn celebrates 135 years in the guitar business.

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New Epiphone Signatures

A quick overview of Epiphone`s new limited edition signature models.

Epiphone has recently introduced signature models for Matt Heafy, Richie Faulkner, Bjorn Gelotte, and Joe Bonamassa.

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Squier Contemporary Series

An overview of Squier`s brand new Contemporary line.

With five models, the new Contemporary series aims at young players as well as experienced axemen who`d like a Tele or Strat with a more modern flavor.

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NAMM 2018: ESP Electrics

Here come the new ESP and LTD electrics.

LTD, E-II and Signature Series ranges received their 2018 updates, a total of 54 six, seven, and eight-string models.

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NAMM 2018: ESP and LTD Basses

Here are the new ESP and LTD four/five-stringers.

With 13 new models in LTD, E-II and Signature Series ranges, ESP/LTD bass segment is looking stronger and better than ever.

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