Ibanez BTB Premium Series Reinforcements Arrive

A pair of flagship Premium class models are being introduced into the BTB range.

The magnificent BTB1905E and BTB1906E reinforce the BTB Premium series. They bring stunning looks, ultimate playability, and unprecedented tonal versatility.

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Summertime Gretschness

Mid-year novelties from Gretsch Guitars.

Three models make up the updates lineup; a pair of exclusive Player`s Edition electrics and a single beginner-level Roots series acoustic.

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NAMM 2017: Gibson USA Catalog

Traditionals, High Performance, S Series.

Gibson`s USA catalog for 2017 will feature 33 models divided into three ranges - vintage-styled Traditional, modern High Performance and budget S Series.

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NAMM 2017: Gibson Acoustics

Jumbos, dreadnoughts, legends and newcomers.

Gibson`s 2017 lineup features 24 models, spread over six series. The heavily updated J series and brand new HP series are the stars of this year`s catalog.

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NAMM 2017: Ibanez Electrics

Iron Labels, anniversary models and much, much more.

Vast majority of Ibanez`s fourty two non-signature electrics at last month`s NAMM belonged to RG, Iron Label and S series, with the rest of the range receiving less than ten models.

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NAMM 2017: Ibanez Acoustics

A quick run-through of Ibanez acoustic guitars and basses.

Twenty five acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars and two acoustic-electric basses refresh Ibanez `s Acoustics division lineup this year.

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NAMM2017: Ibanez Hollow Body Models

Anniversary signatures, contemporary and classic semis and hollows.

2017 Ibanez lineup at NAMM included a total of fifteen Hollow Body models, with two George Benson signatures and thirteen regular models shared among four series.

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NAMM 2017: Ibanez Solid Body Signatures

A small but versatile signature lineup.

This year Ibanez went for quality and versatility instead of quantity, with only six signatures in solid body division. Meshuggah`s Fredrik Thordendal is the only new member of the lineup.

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