NAMM 2017: Ibanez Electrics

Iron Labels, anniversary models and much, much more.

Vast majority of Ibanez`s fourty two non-signature electrics at last month`s NAMM belonged to RG, Iron Label and S series, with the rest of the range receiving less than ten models.

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NAMM 2017: Ibanez Acoustics

A quick run-through of Ibanez acoustic guitars and basses.

Twenty five acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars and two acoustic-electric basses refresh Ibanez `s Acoustics division lineup this year.

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NAMM2017: Ibanez Hollow Body Models

Anniversary signatures, contemporary and classic semis and hollows.

2017 Ibanez lineup at NAMM included a total of fifteen Hollow Body models, with two George Benson signatures and thirteen regular models shared among four series.

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NAMM 2017: Ibanez Solid Body Signatures

A small but versatile signature lineup.

This year Ibanez went for quality and versatility instead of quantity, with only six signatures in solid body division. Meshuggah`s Fredrik Thordendal is the only new member of the lineup.

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NAMM 2017: Dean Acoustics & Bluegrass

Fourth and final installment in Dean Guitars at NAMM 2017 reviews series.

With 12 new models in steel-string, one in classical and one in bluegrass range, Dean masterfully exemplifies how are reasonable prices and high quality mixed into one.

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NAMM 2017: Dean Basses

Let`s take a look at Dean`s bass updates from this year`s NAMM.

Dean`s bass range has become significantly bigger and more versatile at this year`s NAMM with nine new models and one new series introduced.

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NAMM 2017: Dean Electrics

An overview of Dean`s electric six-string division.

With seventeen non-signature electric guitar models, Dean made it clear that the plans are big and ambitions are running high in 2017.

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NAMM 2017 Dean Signature Electrics

A run-through of Dean`s signature electrics from this year`s NAMM.

Nine models made it onto the list of Dean electric signatures. Dimebag, Leslie West, Michael Angelo Batio and five Dave Mustaine tribute and signature models were introduced.

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