TM Stevens Artist Series Bass Giveaway

Warwick is organizing a contest for one TM Stevens Artist Series Bass.

TM Stevens Artist Series Bass Giveaway

The main prize of the Warwick contest is one Artist Series TM Stevens bass made in Korea. The instrument is valued at $2,099.

Warwick basses are instruments with huge reputation and fan bass around the world. There fore, it is an honor to be featured artist in their signature series and not many bass players make it, but TM Stevens of Shocka Zooloo has got his series years ago. It consists of one model made in Germany and one made in Korea. German-made models are an absolute top Warwick has to offer. On the other side, Korean-made basses are more affordable, but still retain the same level of quality. Rosckbass models made in China are made as budget-friendly alternatives to Korean and German models. This contest is held for one Artist Series TM Stevens Bass. If the applicant has 18 years or more, regardless of where he or she lives, they are eligible to enter. First name, last name and email address are required. Also, one must first like the Warwick & Framus fan page and then proceed to the contest application form.

Warwick Artist Series TM Stevens Bass is a signature model made for TM Stevens by Warwick`s Korea-based facilities. It is one of two signatures made for TM Stevens, the other is made in Germany. This one comes with US cherry body with double cutaway and custom graphics designed by Mr Stevens. This body is paired with ekanga and flamed maple neck. Neck is bolted and topped with Warwick`s favorite wenge fingerboard with 24 dot-marked frets. This four-stringer is equipped with a standard Warwick two-piece bridge, which is plated in chrome. Pickups are made by Warwick`s subsidiary MEC and are installed in J/P configuration. Volume, balance, bass and treble knobs are featured in controls unit. For more info check TM Stevens Bass detail page on our site or on Warwick official web page.

Warwick Artist Series TM Stevens Bass