Fender Eric Clapton Giveaway

Fender organizes this contest in honor of Eric Clapton`s new album, called "Old Sock".

Fender Eric Clapton Giveaway

Fender Gutiars organize a contest for Clapton`s fans around the world. Lucky winner walks away with Eric`s signature axe, an amp and a copy of new album.

Eric Clapton and Fender Guitars are collaborating for decades now and it is one of the most successful and powerful guitar manufacturer/guitar player bonds in the business. Eric`s unyielding popularity and guitar god status blend mighty well with Fender`s iconic reputation and long-time tradition. Slowhand is probably the most important signature artiest in Fender`s electric guitar catalog. More than five decades long career is closely knit with platinum albums, style and genre-defining tunes, chart hits and sold out concerts. On the other side, Fender`s six decades long tradition in electric guitar business and the immeasurable impact this brand made in the defining years, makes Fender the only logical pair for Mr Clapton. Today, in honor of Eric`s 21st album, titled "Old Sock", Fender organizes a contest in which the lucky winner will get Eric Clapton Stratocaster, EC Tremolux amp and a copy of the album. This is a world-wide contest and it`s held through Fender`s site. For further details on rules and eligibility, check Fender Guitars official web page.

Now, a word or two about the main prize, the Eric Clapton Stratocaster. Lucky winner will receive one with Pewter color scheme. It is a solid, double-cut guitar made of alder. It`s flat on top, contoured in the back and has a bolt-on neck joint. 2-point synchronized trem bridge is fronted by a set of three single-coil pickups. These come from the Vintage Noiseless series and feature the standard controls unit. neck on this model is mad eof maple and it features the soft V contour in the back. 22-fret maple fingerboard is installed on this model. Eric Clapton Stratocaster made is made in several color schemes. Besides Pewter, there are Olympic White, Black and Torino Red, as well. The MSRP for this outstanding six-stringer is set at $2,199.99. For more info, check Eric Clapton Stratocaster detail page on our site, or on Fender Guitars official page.

Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster