Schecter Guitars and Avenged Sevenfold Competition

Synyster Gats of A7X and Schecter Guitars organize a contest.

Schecter Guitars and Avenged Sevenfold Competition

Schecter Guitars and Synyster Gates of Avenged Sevenfold organize the competition for fans of A7X. Main prizes are Synyster`s signature guitars and tickets for Syn`s masterclass.

Seven tracks are being released for fan submissions by California`s NWOAHM leaders, the Avenged Sevenfold. Fan submissions will be accepted from July 15th to September 15th and judged by social media audience. Those with highest rankings will be then listened by Synyster Gates, himself. He will judge and rank the most popular submissions and choose winners of the contest. The winners will be flown to LA to attend the guitar masterclass led by Synyster Gates. But, that`s not nearly all. This time, Schecter, Ernie Ball and Synyster Gates have much more to give back to the loyal fans. Besides the trip to LA, winners will receive Synyster Gates Special electric guitar, tour of Schectrer Guitars production facilities in California and Ernie Ball accessory prize pack. Standard rules for competitions apply to this one, as well.

Schecter Synyster Gates Special is one of several signature guitars made for Synyster Gates of the famed Avenged Sevenfold. Lead guitar position in one of the leading bands of New Wave of American Heavy Metal movement is a serious responsibility and a quite demanding task. But, Synyster makes it look like it`s a child`s play. Besides his virtuoso skills, his guitars are the key element of the equation. They`re made by Schecter and are built with unparalleled skill and quality. Synyster Gates Special is an intermediate model of the line and offers the abilities of the upscale guitars in combination with somewhat stripped down design. Body is solid, double-cut and made of mahogany. Modern double-cut is equipped with a set in mahogany neck, as well. Floyd Rose bridge, modern control knobs and Seymour Duncan`s Invader humbuckers are found on the top. Invaders, combined with all-mahogany construction, give killer tone strong enough for the heaviest riffs and solos. 24-fret fingerboard, locking tuners and 25-1/2" scale complete the specs list. For more info check Synyster Gates Special on our site, or on Schecter Guitars official web page.

Schecter Synyster Gates Special