Camp with Animals Giveaway by Ibanez

Animals as Leaders and Ibanez organize a special giveaway.

Camp with Animals Giveaway by Ibanez

Lucky winner of Camp with Animals Giveaway gets a ticket for guitar camp with Animals as Leaders and an Ibanez RGA8 guitar.

Camping with Animals is the name of the giveaway held jointly by Ibanez Guitars and Animals as Leaders. It is open until December 7th 12:00 p.m. Eastern time. People working for, or associated with Hoshino (USA), their affiliates and subsidiaries are not eligible to participate. Other than that, this contest is open for all legal citizens of continental United States and it`s territories. Competition can be entered at Ibanez official web page. Application form requires for applicants to enter first name, last name, email, phone number, address, city, state and zip code. All fields of the form must be filled out for application to be valid. There are two main prizes and both go to a single winner. One is a place in Animals as Leaders camp this winter and the other is Ibanez RGA8.

Camp is held in Big Indian, NY and it will be held January 2nd-6th. Tosin Abasi, Javier Reyes and Matt Garstka will also be there with campers. Camp is envisioned as a fun place and a place where campers will work hard on their chops. Lessons and classes held in the camp will cover such topics as hybrid picking, thumping/tapping, scales, song writing and more. Prize does not include transportation to or from the camping location, but the stay at the camp is. Ibanez RGA8 is a mighty eight-string beast with double cut body made of mahogany. It features a pair of active extended-range humbuckers made by Ibanez. These pickups have enough growl and snarl for even the most aggressive and extreme forms of metal. Neck is made of maple and walnut and it sports a regular D contour in the back. Five-piece neck is bolted to the body with regular set of four bolts. 24-fret fingerboard is made of rosewood and it rocks dot inlays. Black tuners are placed on the headstock in four-a-side arrangement. Fixed Edge bridge is also painted in black. For more info check RGA8 detail page on our site or on Ibanez official web page.

Ibanez RGA8