Breedlove Super Savings

Breedlove`s holiday price cut.

Breedlove Super Savings

Breedlove gives an instant price cut for the D/MMe and OM/MMe models. $50 are given back to every player who buys one of these models during the holidays.

Breedlove is one of those brands that always thinks of it`s fans, players and enthusiasts and always has a little something in store for them. This time around it`s halloween holiday season and breedlove has prepared a nice nad tasty treat for all the fans. Every D/MMe and OM/MMe guitar comes with $50 of instant savings. These two Passports are player`s passport to this awesome action. All local dealerships of Breedlove guitars are included in this action and they all stock these fantastic Passport series models. Passport is a line made for visionaries, players who want to travel the strings and frets and explore infinite fields of music. For that kind of dedication and passion, Breedlove has decided to reward the players with this little price cut.

Breedlove D/MMe is a non-cutaway dreadnought guitar from the Passport series and it comes with fully acoustic construction. All mahogany body is paired with a mahogany neck to form a super strong tonal properties frame. Rosewood bridge and fingerboard complete this model with more accent on low end and added creamy smooth feel. 20 frets with dot inlays and 1-11/16" wide nut are featured on this fingerboard. For more info check D/MMe detail page on our site or on Breedlove official web page. Breedlove OM/MMe is also a model from the Passport series with all-mahogany body construction. This non-cutaway body is paired with a mahogany neck through a 14th fret dovetail joint. Rosewood is used for the bridge and fingerboard on this model, as well. Belly contoured bridge is matched with 20-frets, dot inlays and 1-11/16" wide string nut. This one comes with natural color scheme with satin finish. So does the D/MMe. For more info check OM/MMe detail page on our site or on Breedlove official web page.

Breedlove D/MMe