Three Stunning New Guitars from Gibson Custom: Dickey Betts SG, R`n`R Hall of Fame Les Paul and LP Deluxe

Three new gems for collectors, as well as the players around the world.

Three Stunning New Guitars from Gibson Custom: Dickey Betts SG, R`n`R Hall of Fame Les Paul and LP Deluxe

Gibson USA and Gibson Custom unveil three magnificent guitars: Dickey Betts "From One Brother to Another" SG, Les Paul Deluxe and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Les Paul Standard.

Gibson Custom Dickey Betts "From One Brother to Another" SG

Dickey Betts "From One Brother to Another" SG is a revival of one of the most iconic guitars in history of rock music. It is an exact reproduction of an amazing guitar from the golden age of guitars. The original was a 1961/62 SG given by Betts to Duane Allman while they played together. Throughout the time this model achieved near-mythic status among the rockers and is celebrated and revered all around the world. This gift from Dickey Betts allowed Duane to just switch guitars instead of retuning on stage. And, now, Gibson recreates this model, but in a very small series. 75 guitars are hand-aged by Gibson and signed by Betts, plus 250 with Gibson Custom VOS (Vintage Original Spec) finish process and appointments. This guitar offers stunning looks, sublime tone and playing feel. A beauty, as well as a trusty companion for a hard-working musician.

Body of this guitar is made out of a single piece of mahogany, accurately shaped after early `60s SG with asymmetrical horns and beveled edges. Neck is deeply set in and glued single piece of a quarter-sawn mahogany. Fingerboard is made of rosewoood and has "banjo" frets just like the original Dickey Betts gave to Duane Allman. All models in this series feature hand sprayed Vintage Red nitrocellulose lacquer. 75 models will be hand aged in order to look exactly like the original. 250 will be subjected to Gibson`s VOS process to give them the look of a gently aged and faded instrument. Hand aged models will be extremely faded with minor wear on the top, hardware and plastics will be very worn, as well as the back of the neck and body. Patches of finish will be missing and minor dings will be visible to recreate the looks and feel of an instrument played, worn and torn through  years of heavy playing and touring.

Gibson humbucker pickups on the SG Standards of the early `60s were among the finest ever made. They were between the "Patent Applied For" and "Patent Number" eras. Pickups on the Dicky Betts model feature aged nickel covers, wound and constructed to PAF specs. Also, there are rare Alnico III magnets and slightly mismatched and unpotted coils. These are the secrets to the tone of PAF and Patent No pickups. Nut is a Nylon 6/6 nut with slots cut out on Gibson`s PLEK, and they are matched with nylon saddles in the ABR-1 Tune-o-matic bridge. This model comes with a stopbar tailpiece for improved stability and sustain combined with enclosed metal-button nickel tuners. An amazingly realistic recreation of Allman Brothers tone and history.

Each guitar comes with a hardshell case; 75 hand aged guitars are signed by Betts  and include a collage poster of the original guitar signed by the Custom shop. Other 250 VOS models include a Certificate of authenticity and collage poster.

Gibson USA Les Paul Deluxe

"Deluxe" was almost synonymous to Les Paul in the classic era of rock in the `70s, and this model is shaped after the original single-cutaway set-neck Les Paul Standards of 1958 to `60 featuring a pair of mini-buckers for a brighter, edgier tone that was on demand. The Les Paul Deluxe ruled the scene throughout the decade and became an iconic guitar. Shaped and built after the most cherished version og this model from the early `70s, the Les Paul Deluxe offers everything that made its predecessor so successful, including traditional tonewoods and electronics, Top class playability and flawless Gibson craftsmanship. Gloss Gold Top nitrocellulose finish wraps the package giving it the looks of the most popular Deluxe of them all.

For the tonewoods Gibson decided to go with a carved Maple top glued to a Grade-A mahogany body that is chambered  to improve the tone and reduce weight of the guitar. Neck is made of Grade-A quarter-sawn mahogany and has a rounded profile measuring .818" deep at the 1st fret and .963" at the 12th fret. Rosewood fingerboard features 22 medium Jumbo frets and 12 " radius for comfortable string bending. This Les Paul Deluxe has cream plastic binding and a Tune-o-matic bridge with a stopbar tailpiece. Tuners are Tone Pros Keystone Vintage with 16:1 gear ratio.

Minibuckers on this guitar are made much like the full-size PAF hummbuckers, they have original Alnico II magnets, but narrower coils and less turns of wire for a sharper tone. These pickups will cut your way through a heavy band, but will also stand strong on the softer and twangier soil of the genres Les Paul is not thought to be the best weapon of choice. Another bit of tradition comes with independent volume and tone controls for each pickup, three way toggle switch and a locking Neutrick output jack for greater plugged-in security. All this is wrapped up with golden knobs, "Deluxe" engraved truss-rod cover and LP Deluxe pickguard, truly a stunning recreation of a guitar that shaped the world of rock`n`roll.

Every guitar includes a hardshell case, owner`s manual and adjustment literature.

Gibson Custom Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Les Paul

The most revered and feted rock guitar is a perfect template to make a tribute to the history of rock and roll. A match made in heaven - Gibson Les Paul, a great american guitar and rock and roll, great form of music - inseparable and a tribute to each other. Made specially for the enshrinement in the halls of rock and roll hall of fame,  this Les Paul is not just a "trophy guitar", it is also a magnificent instrument.

As the base for this model Gibson Custom used a Les Paul Standard, possibly the most iconic guitar in history of rock music. It comes with a stained Antique Ebony high gloss hand-sprayed nitrocellulose finish topped with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame image behind the bridge. For this special guitar fingerboard is made of ebony and adorned with Mother-of-Pearl Block inlays and all the hardware is golden. Rock and Roll hall of Fame logo is engraved on the pickup covers, truss rod cover and back control plates. Truly a magnificent, unique masterpiece.

More than a museum showpiece, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Les Paul guitar is also a top-notch, cream of the crop players guitar. It features `57 Gibson humbuckers fashioned after the best original PAF pickups of the late `50s and early `60s with wax potting to prevent microphonic squeals at high volume. Carved maple top glued to a single piece of strategically weight relieved Grade-A mahogany body gives the player what made the Les Paul a legend, richness, depth, edge and bite like no other guitar has. Grover tuners, Gibson TP6 "Fine Tuner" tailpiece provide outstanding stability and precision. A beauty, as well as the beast, splendid showpiece and ultimate players guitar, this is truly a fitting tribute to the history of Rock and Roll.

All guitars include a Certificate of Authenticity, black hardshell case and owner`s manual.