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New Cordoba Master Torres Model

Cordoba unveils the Master series Torres guitar.
New Cordoba Master Torres Model

Master series dedicated to greatest classical guitar builders ever gets reinforced with another gem. Master series Torres is finally here.

Cordoba is one of the leading US manufacturers of classical guitars with catalog ranging from traditional classical six-stringers to modern nylon-stringed ukuleles and acoustic-electric guitars. In order to step up their game and attack the upscale parts of market, Cordoba has come up with a brilliant Master series, which honors the originators and most important luthiers of classical guitar. All models in this series are fully acoustic nylon-stringed guitars with exclusive hardware and top-shelf tone woo selection. Thus far, Hermann Hauser I, Miguel Rodriguez and Manuel Reyes models have been introduced, with Emanuel Torres model being unveiled for the autumn of 2013. The fourth and currently final model of the Master series has somewhat smaller body, but equally strong and defined tone. Like the previous three models, this one is a close replica of the most famous guitar built by a master whose name it bears. Many historical appointments are being revived and featured on Master Torres model.

Cordoba Master Torres model comes with a slightly smaller classical acoustic body with non-cutaway design, dovetail neck joint and solid wood construction. Indian rosewood is used for back and sides, while the solid Engelmann spruce sound board completes the body. Historically accurate 1856 Torres 7 fan bracing is installed under the hood. This one comes fully acoustic with no electronics installed, or being optionally available. Bridge is made of Indian rosewood and it features the series standard bone saddle on top. Spanish cedar is used for the neck with standard contour in the back and standard 12th fret dovetail joint. On it`s top, a standard 19-fret fingerboard made of ebony is installed. Flat radius, 2" bone nut and standard classical frets are featured. Gotoh tuners with gold plating, 25-1/5" scale and gloss lacquer finish wrap the specs list. For more info, check Master Torres detail page on our site, or on Cordoba Guitars official web page.

Cordoba master Torres

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