Luna Vista Series is Introduced

Brand new Vista series reinforces the Luna catalog.

Luna Vista Series is Introduced

Luna Guitars launch the amazing Vista series. Three grand auditorium models, each with custom mosaic top made of several species of exotic tonewoods.

Luna is one of the most inspirative manufacturers on the American market, as their guitars and basses always have a background story, or their names have some profound meanings. For the autumn of 2013, Luna Guitars reach new heights with the new Vista series. This line of acoustic-electric guitars draws heavily on American heritage and wild west aesthetics. There are three models in the initial lineup of the series: Mustang, Wolf and Eagle. Each model features a unique mosaic made up of several exotic tonewoods, depicting the designated animal. All of them are meant to inspire the spirits of their players and help them start an epic journey through the music.

Luna Vista Mustang is a single-cut grand auditorium steel-stringer made of rosewood back and sides with multi-wood top. Rosewood, zebra wood, padauk, bird`s eye maple, koa and flamed maple make up Mustang`s top. Ebony bridge is found on the top and it`s matched with a 21-fret ebony fingerboard. B-Band T-55 preamp, 25-1/2” scale and golden hardware wrap the specs. For more info, check Vista Mustang detail page on our site, or on Luna Guitars official web page.

Luna Vista Wolf is the second of three models being introduced into the Vista series. It is another single-cut grand auditorium with six-string construction and B-Band electronics. Cocobolo back and sides are topped with blackwood, padauk, koa, flame maple, cocobolo, maple burl and movingui top. Ebony is used for the belly-contoured bridge and 21-fret fingerboard. For more info, check Vista Wolf detail page on our site, or on Luna Guitars official web page.

Luna Vista Eagle is the third and final model reviewed in this article. It completes the grand auditorium triumvirate of the Vista line. This one has single-cut design, six-string construction and B-Band preamp. Koa is used for the back and side panels, while the top is made of movingui, padauk, bubinga, koa and spalt maple. Bridge and series standard 21-fret fingerboard are made of ebony. For more info, check the Vista Eagle detail page on our site, or on Luna Guitars official web page.