Online Guitar Tuner [EADGBE] Standard Guitar Tuner

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[EADGBE] Standard Guitar Tuner
[DADGBE] Drop D Guitar Tuner
[EbG#DbF#BbEb] Half Step Down
[CGCFAD] Drop C Guitar Tuner
[BF#BEG#Db] Drop B Tuner
[AEADF#B] Drop A Guitar Tuner
[DGCFAD] D Guitar Tuner
[CFBbEbGC] C Guitar Tuner

Half Step Down

Online Guitar Tuner comments on [EADGBE] Standard Guitar Tuner:

  • The reason why musicians use this tuning is to make the tone more darker, to make larger gauge strings (heavier string) more flexible to bending, to play with saxophone family instruments more easily or to help a singer by adjusting to his tonal range. It is used in metal, as well is all other music genres: classical music, folk, country, rock etc.