Top Shelf Online Guitar Lessons at

Great and complete guide for beginners and struggling players.

Top Shelf Online Guitar Lessons at

People over at have put together one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-follow courses to transform complete beginners into pros.

Groundbreaking guitar course from guarantees to transform a complete beginner into a metal master in a record period of time. This UK based site which celebrated it`s second birthday last week has already helped thousands of musicians reach the full mastery of their instruments. Starting from the zero, a player is guaranteed to reach an avid skill level in just 60 days of this intensive course.

The course covers all the spots and areas beginners struggle with, the chords, strumming patterns, natural flow of the riffs, scales, soloing techniques, theoretical explanations behind the music, playing by ear, tab reading. It is all packed into a user friendly online video course which offers features such as online tutorials, downloadable high definition videos, printable material from the lessons, professional backing tracks, multiple camera angles, animated tabs to name a few.

A Christmas bonus included into this course which includes interviews and lessons with professionals from different genres. There are lessons with Andy James which cover shredding techniques, Ross Griggs talks and explains tone control, Simon Jones breaks the acoustic songwriting down and Ian Larkin teaches some great bluegrass licks.

Check this awesome course at, save $48.50 with special Christmass offer, and master your guitar in a quick and easy way!