Fender and Volkswagen Play It Loud and Proud

New car audio system developed by Fender and Volkswagen.

Fender and Volkswagen Play It Loud and Proud

Fender and Volkswagen joined forces to create the magnificent Fender Premium Audio System to be built in 2012 Jetta, Passat and Beetle models.

Fender, the company that defined the sound of the 20th century is showing no signs of fatigue and keeps raising the bar even through this century. They teamed up with one of the car makers which shaped the history of the road transport. Legend meets legend, Fender meets Volkswagen. They joined forces to create the ultimate audio experience for the driving man of today. And the result is The Fender Premium Audio System.

The Fender Premium Audio System is made of nine speakers strategically positioned within each passenger cabin, with total power of staggering 400W. They produce the Fender`s classic sound characterized by unrivaled clarity throughout the entire volume spectrum, powerful bass and very detailed mids to recreate the raw feeling of the live jam. It took three years of hard work and relentless research and experimenting to make The Fender Premium Audio System, but it was worth it, for now it is one of the most advanced audio systems available in the automotive industry.

The Fender Premium Audio System will be available in 2012 models of Passat, Jetta, Jetta GLi and 21st century Beetle. For more info check the Fender official web page.