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JTK3 by Ibanez
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In Ibanez catalog JTK stands for Jet King series and it brings a line of vintage-styled electric guitars. These guitars are solid-bodied, double-cut and equipped with bolt-on necks. JTK3 is one of the models from this series and it comes with a body made of mahogany. Entire body is made of it and it`s finished in high gloss. Blue Stone, Red Bean, Roadster Orange Metallic and Turquoise color schemes are available for this model. Bridge section is equipped with a classic tune-o-matic bridge with string-through-body construction. Pickups on this model are installed in S/S configuration and are equipped with basic controls unit. Bolt-on maple neck is equipped with a JTK contour in the back and a 22-fret fingerboard on top.

JTK3 Full Specs

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Body Shape J-Master
Body Type Solid Body
Body Wood Mahogany
Bridge String Through
Bridge Pickup Type Single Coil
Neck Pickup Type Single Coil
Controls Volume
Controls Tone
Fingerboard Material Rosewood
Fret Size Medium
Fingerboard Inlays Offset Triangle
Hardware Chrome
Neck Joint Bolt-on
Neck Shape JTK (Fast)
Neck Wood Maple
Number of Frets 22
Number of Pickups 2
Number of Strings 6
Pickguard Yes
Pickup Switch Type 3-way Pickup Selector
Finish Gloss

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Body Shape
Body Type
Solid Body
Solid Body
Body Wood
String Through
Bridge Pickup Type
Single Coil
Neck Pickup Type
Single Coil
Fingerboard Material
Fret Size
Fingerboard Inlays
Offset Triangle
Neck Joint
Neck Shape
JTK (Fast)
JTK (Fast)
Neck Wood
Number of Frets
Number of Pickups
Number of Strings
Pickup Switch Type
3-way Pickup Selector
3-way Pickup Selector
1 User Review

Scott Johnson on 2011-05-28 20:48:33

For the $250 I dropped on this guitar used, I couldn't be more pleased. This guitar features two single-coil soap bar pickups with more bite then you'd expect. With a master tone and volume control, you can easily control the guitars sound. There are 22 frets on this beast too. I am extremely satisfied with this guitar and find myself getting perfect zeppelin tone when i roll the guitar volume down to 7, tone to 9, and hook up my pedals. It has a tune-o-matic style bridge piece making it very easy to get the intonation fixed on the guitar. It has a very flat fretboard making it easy to find your way around it. I only give this guitar a 7 in quality because when tightening the input jack, something happened to the wiring inside and had to go get it repaired. This was a very easy fix however with the cords in there being very neatly placed. Besides that minor problem I've had with it, this guitar was very nicely made. For $250 I get a rock and roll machine. I would say stray away from keeping the volume knob on 10 because this acts as more of a gain control until you get to below 2 where the volume dramatically starts to decrease. With the volume on 10, you get an absurd amount of gain and the tone begins to get too muddy. I love this guitar, I have the sea-foam green finish and its a beautiful guitar. the soap bars sound amazing. what value. I love this guitar. She's an unstoppable beast. Though she might not be an American Stratocaster or Les Paul, she also doesn't have the same price tag. Some say you get what you pay for, but I got a lot more then I bargained for. I have friends who all play guitar and all are jealous when I come to my jam session with this machine. i play it through either a vox v15 valvetronix combo or my half stack (marshall 1987xl 50w with a marshall 1960ax cabinet). this guitar sometimes has a hard time cleaning up when rolling back the volume but thats not a problem if you just invest in pedals and turn them off when needing clean. overall, if something happened to it, I'd definitely buy it again.

Ibanez JTK3 3.63 out of 5 based on 2 ratings


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