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Mockingbird Electric Guitars by B.C. Rich

Mockingbird ST by B.C. Rich
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Mockingbird is one of the original and first B. C. Rich designs. It was introduced back in 1976 as a part of the initial B. C. Rich lineup. This guitar went on to become a true classic, along with the Bich and Warlock models. Today, Mockingbird series is one of the main pillars of the catalog and one of the most popular designs outside of the Strat/Tele/LP triangle. Mockingbird ST is the standard option and it comes with a solid, double-cut body made of mahogany wings and maple center. Central part of the body is also the end part of the maple neck. Floyd Rose bridge is fronted by the Rockfield Mafia humbuckers. Neck on this model is topped with a standard 24-fret fingerboard made of ebony.

Mockingbird ST Full Specs

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Body Shape Mockingbird
Body Type Solid Body
Carved Top Yes
Body Wood Mahogany
Body Construction Neck-thru
Bridge Floyd Rose
Locking Nut Yes
Number of Pickups 2
Bridge Pickup Type Humbucker
Neck Pickup Type Humbucker
Controls Volume
Controls Tone
Neck Wood Maple
Neck Joint Neck-through
Fingerboard Material Ebony
Number of Frets 24
Fret Size Jumbo
Fingerboard Inlays Diamond
Hardware Black
Number of Strings 6
Pickup Switch Type 3-way Pickup Selector
Tuners Grover
Scale Length 24-5/8"
Body Top Wood Maple (Quilted)
Neck Shape Series Standard
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Body Shape
Body Type
Solid Body
Solid Body
Carved Top
Body Wood
Body Construction
Floyd Rose
Locking Nut
Number of Pickups
Bridge Pickup Type
Neck Pickup Type
Neck Wood
Neck Joint
Fingerboard Material
Number of Frets
Fret Size
Fingerboard Inlays
Number of Strings
Pickup Switch Type
3-way Pickup Selector
3-way Pickup Selector
Scale Length
Body Top Wood
Maple (Quilted)
Neck Shape
Series Standard
3 User Reviews

Mr. Canada on 2010-10-06 17:46:43

Mine came in a limited edition black quilted finish with matching headstock, absolutely gorgeous. Features include two humbucker pickups with coil taps,24 jumbo frets, neck through construction, Gibson scale length, an original Floyd Rose, phase switch, volume and tone controls, and a master 5 position "chicken head" tone knob. This guitar plays wonderfully. Being the first guitar I've owned with a Floyd, I was determined to abuse it for all it was worth. But for all my violent vibratos, divebombing and flutter attacks, I could not for the life of me get this thing to go out of tune! The pickups give off a great ballsy rock sound in humbucker mode, but bassier than most. I had to increase my amp's treble setting to make it sound really angry. Single coils actually sound surprisingly powerful. With my multi fx unit set up for Fender pickups, I found myself actually having to quiet down some of my tones to get a John Frusciante type sound, since the Bird's singles sound much hotter. The phase switch can create some funky honked out sounds with both pickups engaged, too. For sheer versatility, I give this guitar's features top marks, but the many switches and dials mean you'll be putting some effort in before you can tame some of the ugly tones this thing can also create. I got this thing shipped in from a guitar company in the States, and it arrived in quite nice shape. The tuning was just a bit flat, but a quick twisting of the fine tuners was enough to get it in tune and keep it there. There are some minor complaints I have. The balance isn't quite neutral, but the way the buttons twist the strap make it hug your body quite well and prevent the headstock from nose diving. The sustain is good but not great, despite the neck through design, and the flutter out of of the box doesn't last a particularly long time. I'm planning on augumenting it. It also has a small amount of acoustic buzz, completely unnoticeable when plugged in even without distortion. All the knobs feel nice and solid, there are no sharp frets, the pickup selector is dead quiet, and the wood is immaculate. I would never use a Floyd equipped guitar without backup at a gig in case a string broke, but I found this guitar to be rock solid and tough as an ox. It should be noted, however, that the multiple controls and thick body make it weigh about as much as an ox, too. For about $600 Canadian, you get some truly fantastic features. I've been searcing for months for a guitar with both coil tap and a Floyd Rose, and this thing fits my requirements perfectly! It looks like a high end custom model, and you'll stand out at any gig just by holding it. Being a teen working a minimum wage job, I honestly never thought I'd ever be able to afford something so incredible in my youth. If lost or stolen, I would buy another one without hesitation. They say that you get what you pay for, but in this case you get so much more. I love this guitar. From it's glossy finish to it's classic-yet-different curves, this guitar is one of the coolest things I've ever seen, and the first axe I've ever thought looks cooler than a PRS Custom. It stays in tune, sounds fantastic (although making it sound fantastic takes some set up time), and makes me feel like a pro, even though I've only been playing for about 3 1/2 years. Just keep it's weight in mind before you get your heart set on one, this is NOT a guitar for someone with a bad back or shoulder. For anyone else, though, I can't recommend it enough. Thank you, BC Rich. Thank you.

jamminfool Timmy Spillane on 2016-02-29 20:53:00

I have the transparent red ST, it is one of the most beautiful guitars I've ever owned...the trans finish over AAAAA quilted maple, the ebony fretboard with diamond markers, and as an added touch of class it has a rosewood veneer over the headstock, which matches the trans red finish in a way that's hard to verbalize...it's truly stunning! I got mine in early 2012, as a Christmas present from my son (what a kid, huh?), and as such it didn't come the the Rockfield pickups, in their place is a set of medium-low output Duncan Designed humbuckers...overall, they're nice sounding pickups that accentuate this guitar's complex tonal qualities in an acceptable fashion. I'd like to upgrade to a set of Seymour Duncan PAF's, but that'll wait...these work nice as is. Ok, enough with the pickups...this guitar is, hands down, the most versatile tone machine ever built! Each pickup has its own mini toggle for coil splitting, and both are tied into an out of phase toggle. Also, there is a 5 way Varitone selector, which when you roll through all of the options, you come up with 60 different tonal possibilities! SIXTY!!! All usable, all sweet, and quickly accessible! The 24 fret, ebony fretboard topped neck through construction is a sustain lover's dream come true, this guitar will hold a note for months...or you can blast out 256th notes like they're nothing, as the neck is super slim and insanely fast! The Floyd Rose 1000 bridge is the real thing, not a "licensed by" knockoff, and performs as you'd think a FR should...DEEP dive bombs (totally slacked down, about a step and a half up), perfectly retaining its tuning at all times. Overall, this guitar is a "desert island" choice...if I could only bring one axe to a gig that had me playing classic rock, jazz, country, blues and metal, this one has the chops and tone to do it all convincingly! Looks great, feels great, plays great, sounds great...what else could yo possibly ask for?

paul hoehn mr on 2019-02-13 23:08:58

The quality and finsh of this guitar is top notch.Lots of cool features.Stays in tune.Mine has rockfield pick ups and there good.Could not ask for more fore the money a real good deal.

B.C. Rich Mockingbird ST 4.77 out of 5 based on 5 ratings


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