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Yamaha CG122MS Review

CG Series Electric Guitar by 'Yamaha'

CG122MS by Yamaha
Yamaha is one of the most prominent non-American manufacturers in the acoustic guitar section of the market. Within this section, Yamaha maintains an extensive roster of classical guitars divided into several series. From the beginners guitars to master instruments, Yamaha covers the full spectrum and provides for virtually every player of classical guitar. CG122MS is a model from Yamaha`s CG series and it is equipped with non-cutaway body shape. Back and side panels on this model are made of nato, while the top is made of spruce. In the bridge section of this nylon-stringed guitar, Yamaha installs a standard classical bridge made of rosewood. Neck is made of nato wood and it is topped with a rosewood fingerboard. A standard set of 19 frets with no inlays is featured upon the fingerboard.
Yamaha CG122MS has been rated by 1 musician.
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Overall Rating 4.95/5
Features 5/5
Quality 2.48/5
Reliability / Value 4.9/5
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Just picked one up to take with me camping and am in the process of falling in love with it. The review is right on the money. Nothing fancy, but plays very nicely and is a helluva value for the $.

Reviewed on March 31, 2013.
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