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Ibanez EP10 Review

Steve Vai Euphoria Series Electric Guitar by 'Ibanez'

EP10 by Ibanez
Steve Vai has both very successful line of electric JEM guitars and Euphoria acoustic-electric guitars in Ibanez catalog. EP10 is the top model of the acoustic line and it comes with a single cutaway body with thinline construction. It`s body is made of mahogany back and sides with a spruce top. The top is bound in rich abalone binding which contrasts the glossy black paint. In the bridge section Ibanez and Vai opted for a modern shaped bridge made of rosewood. Fishman Acoustic Matrix is the piezo installed on this model, and it is accompanied by Fishman Aura preamp. Neck is made of mahogany and it is attached to the body with a dovetail joint. Fingerboard is made of rosewood and it comes with 22 frets, custom inlays, 12" radius and 1.69" wide ivorex II string nut.
Ibanez EP10 has been rated by 1 musician.
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Overall Rating 4.85/5
Features 4.9/5
Quality 2.43/5
Reliability / Value 4.8/5
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I have recently bought an Ibanez Steve Vai EP10 Black Pearl (Sept 2014) and have gigged with it roughly 20 times so far. It is incredibly lightweight and sits well when playing either standing or sitting down. The Fishman modelling system is very subtle with four well balanced sound variations which I find very useable.The neck action when delivered was acceptable but needed some adjustment to make it comfortable for playing a three hour stint. The sixth string had a small buzz on fret 2 which I carefully needed to trim down. Also an annoying rattle appeared within the body cavity. This was quite noticeable and I was getting ready to ship it back to Thomann in Germany.

As a bit of a guitar tech I removed the fishmann preamp module and immediately the problem was obvious. During manufacture some small 2.5mm retaining nuts had not been sufficiently tightened up.. Shame on you Fishmann... I thought you were one of the best!

Anyway, I fixed the problem easily and now the guitar plays like a dream machine!

This guitar is not that acoustically powerful but has a really well rounded tone which when amplified sets it apart from other instruments in the band. The sound sort of floats above the mix and is very prominent. Another big plus is the 24 fret neck which makes playing blistering high octave solos a doddle.

I doubt that aficionados of Martin or Taylor guitars would find a place in their hearts for this guitar but for me I have really come to enjoy gigging with it. The EP10 really is a "Swiss Army Knife" providing Strat/Les Paul playability with acoustic sounds.

Do not let the above problems that I had put you off buying this guitar because it really is a well built quality instrument that certainly cuts the ice in live performances and I thoroughly recommend the EP10 to anyone who reads this.

Reviewed 3 weeks ago.
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