Parker enjoys the reputation of one of the most progressive and most forward brands in the industry, mainly thanks to the legendary Fly model and it`s many derivations. Besides the Fly, Parker`s guitar catalog offers a bit more conventional axes. Fly Classic Series is the perfect example, as it is made up of sweet six-stringed single and double-cuts with vintage design. PM-20 Single-cut is a solid guitar made of mahogany. maple and bubinga tops are available for this one. Natural is the only color scheme Parker has assigned to this model. Simple bridge section includes a lone tune-o-matic bridge with strings running through the body behind it. Custom wound Parker humbuckers are also featured on the top. Set in mahogany neck is fit with an ebony fingerboard on the top.

PM-20 Single Cut Full Specs

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Body Shape LP
Body Type Solid Body
Body Wood Mahogany
Bridge String Through
Bridge Pickup Type Humbucker
Neck Pickup Type Humbucker
Controls Volume
Controls Tone
Fingerboard Material Ebony
Fret Size .060 high, .090 wide
Hardware Chrome
Neck Joint Set neck
Neck Wood Mahogany
Number of Frets 22
Neck Shape Wide fat
Number of Pickups 2
Number of Strings 6
Pickup Switch Type 3-way Pickup Selector
Body Top Wood Bubinga
Body Top Wood Maple
Coil Splitting Yes
Fingerboard Radius Compound 10"-13"
Scale Length 25-1/2"
Fingerboard Inlays Side dot
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Body Shape
Body Type
Solid Body
Solid Body
Body Wood
String Through
Bridge Pickup Type
Neck Pickup Type
Fingerboard Material
Carbon Glass Epoxy .020" composite
Fret Size
.060 high, .090 wide
Neck Joint
Set neck
Set neck
Neck Wood
Number of Frets
Neck Shape
Wide fat
Series Standard
Number of Pickups
Number of Strings
Pickup Switch Type
3-way Pickup Selector
Body Top Wood
Coil Splitting
Fingerboard Radius
Compound 10"-13"
Compound 10"-13"
Scale Length
Fingerboard Inlays
Side dot
Side dot
1 User Review

Fran Sallans on 2011-02-09 17:19:12

My guitar is a PM20 and everything is still as it came from the factory The nut slips on half the strings and the machines will not hold a tuning. I have taken the guitar into two different techs and neither have been able to correct the problem. too many problems with the nut and machines and no one has been able to fix it. I paid just under $600. I think I paid too much. I can't depend on it and right now I would not buy another one. It sounds good but it has been a lot of trouble for a new guitar. I like the guitar but not the problems. Love the sound but hate that it will not stay in tune and that I have tried twice to get it repaired but it is still not staying in tune. With all the money I have spent trying to get this guitar working correctly I could have bought a very nice Strat.

Parker PM-20 Single Cut 4.59 out of 5 based on 94 ratings


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