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MH series is a line of Soloist/Superstrat electric guitars in ESP and LTD catalog. It deals with modern and well equipped guitars made mainly for punk, hard rock and metal. Majority of models in this series have the standard 24-fret rosewood fingerboards, but the MH-327 is not an ordinary six-stringed metal axe. Instead of 24, it comes with 27 frets. Extended range also brings changes in construction and requires the pickups department redesign. So, instead of the classic dual humbucker setup, MH-327 is fit with a humbucker in the bridge position and a slanted stacked humbucker in the neck position. Due to the fingerboard length, Duncans on this model are a bit closer to each other, than on a regular 24-fret model, which slightly alters the tone.

LTD MH-327 Full Specs

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Body Wood Mahogany
Scale Length 25-1/2"
Neck Joint Neck-through
Neck Wood Maple
Fingerboard Material Rosewood
Neck Shape U-shaped neck
Number of Frets 27
Tuners ESP
Bridge Floyd Rose
Locking Nut Yes
Body Shape Soloist
Body Type Solid Body
Bridge Pickup Type Humbucker
Controls Tone
Controls Volume
Fret Size Extra Jumbo
Fingerboard Inlays Offset Rectangle
Hardware Black Nickel
Number of Pickups 2
Number of Strings 6
Pickup Switch Type 3-way Pickup Selector
Neck Pickup Type Single Coil
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Body Wood
Scale Length
Neck Joint
Neck Wood
Fingerboard Material
Neck Shape
U-shaped neck
U-shaped neck
Number of Frets
Floyd Rose
Locking Nut
Body Shape
Body Type
Solid Body
Solid Body
Bridge Pickup Type
Active Humbucker
Fret Size
Extra Jumbo
Extra Jumbo
Fingerboard Inlays
Offset Rectangle
Pearl Blocks
Black Nickel
Black Chrome
Number of Pickups
Number of Strings
Pickup Switch Type
3-way Pickup Selector
3-Position Blade
Neck Pickup Type
Single Coil
Active Humbucker
1 User Review

monk on 2011-04-17 22:14:18

The most immediately notable thing about this guitar is the 27 frets on the top four strings and the tapered fingerboard, which runs parallel with the neck pickup. This is a superb piece of design that not only serves as a beautiful aesthetic feature but is also one of the main functional attractions of the guitar. The neck-thru design is just magnificent for a guitar of this price and adds to the sleek feel of the guitar when holding it. ESP tuners which feel very smooth and responsive. Push-pull pot for neck pickup coil tapping is a very neat touch. The Floyd Rose Special Tremolo can do with a Sustain Block upgrade. The block on the Floyd Rose Special is just a small Zinc one. Swap out for a Brass block and the tone and sustain would be improved greatly. I see the cheap Zinc parts of the Floyd Rose as the weak link in this otherwise top-featured guitar. There are a few discrepancies in quality on this guitar which I am not happy about, mainly down to the fact this is a factory-line produced guitar. Two main things - 1. My Volume and Control knobs rotated off their axis and were very wonky when I first got the guitar, this took a lot of fiddling around with before I could get them to rotate smoothly and comfortable. This however, was fixable and the knobs are now great (though it was a frustrating exercise). 2. My second problem was the quality of the soldering - it can only be described as atrocious. Very messy and blobby in places. Even though the soldering looks bad, the guitar's signal is still solid, so it does not appear to affect it's function, it's just damn ugly in there. One day I will rewire this guitar with some high quality wire, and do a decent solder job on it. About the build quality of the body/neck: Bloody beautiful. I can't say anything bad about it. The contours, the headstock, the pearloid binding, the through-neck all come together in a beautiful construction. All the quality issues on this guitar are fixable. Any patient and considerate owner of this guitar could quite easily put right all it's wrongs, and be left with a formidable piece of equipment. For the money you just cannot go wrong with this. But one great thing to take into consideration before buying is that you must be prepared for the initial frustration of the setup of this guitar. You will have to be very patient. The factory setup is terrible, the Floyd Rose must be adjusted properly, a truss rod adjustment will need to be made and I'd recommend and immediate restring. You will not take this guitar straight out of its box and be amazed by it playability, you'll have to fine-tune the setup over your first few weeks with it. It's quite a balancing act. My MH-327 is almost there after about 4 months of owning it... I love it. Problem is it looks so nice I couldn't bear to see a scratch on it. My other two guitars are both beaters but this one I just couldn't be mean to, even though it's the guitar I play my heaviest, hardest music on; which is a little ironic really. This guitar requires patience to set up, and a few modifications may be necessary to bring it up to standards an experienced player would expect from their instrument. But with a little patience and love this guitar delivers it all.

ESP LTD MH-327 4.17 out of 5 based on 4 ratings


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