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Kremona Rondo R61S Review

Rondo Series Series Electric Guitar by 'Kremona'

Rondo R61S by Kremona
Rondo series from Kremona catalog deals with classical nylon-stringers with fully acoustic construction and identical specs lists. Diversity of this series lies in the scale lengths of it`s models. Each Rondo has a number next to it`s name and this number signifies the length of the scale in centimeters. Rosndo R65S has 65cm scale, or translated into inches, a 25-3/5" scale. Rondo R61S has 61cm or 24" scale. R61S is made of the same tone woods the other Rondos are made of, back and sides are made of walnut, while the top is made of spruce. It is paired with a mahogany neck through a 12th fret dovetail joint. Rosewood on this modes is used for the classical bridge and the standard 19-fret fingerboard.
Kremona Rondo R61S has been rated by 1 musician.
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Overall Rating 4.5/5
Features 4.5/5
Quality 2.25/5
Reliability / Value 4.5/5
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